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Video Notes:

Today’s video on relationship anxiety is focused on how the person healing from anxiety must go about his relationship. It’s best to watch this video with the person you are currently having relationship anxiety with as you both understand and can apply some of these powerful tools.

1. The sooner you realize that you’re gratefully alone on this healing journey the sooner you can see things more clearly.

2. Be the person you are right now, within the transition you’re on, in the relationship that you’re in.

3. Allow the supportive words from another to show up spontaneously, not forcefully through your own needs or words.

4. Trust that the person you’re in the relationship with is meant to be there with you for a greater purpose, a spiritual balancing act of sorts.

5. Do 1 spontaneously fun act together daily.

6. Share more love with yourself and towards yourself then you do towards the other person, and you will naturally emanate the love you have for others.

7. create a daily meditation practice where you sit across each other, hold hands, and simply allow the unconscious parts of you to communicate.

8. Replace the guilt with an understanding that this is a deep exploration phase for you both.

9. Let the anxiety bring you both closer together through compassion, through care, and through personal challenges.

10. Thank them more often for their patience, their support, and their dedication to you.


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