Why We Mustn't Look To DEFEAT Anxiety | #AnxietyGuyPodcast 282

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THIS Approach to anxiety recovery is backfiring!

– Anxiety comes from the brain/body’s filter system, a filter that naturally looks for the threat first.
– This brain/body filter system is based around experiences and information that the system accepted as truth.
– This brain/body filter system is a best guess based on emotional associations to everything.

The problem: We are trying to defeat anxiety without understanding the reason for it and therefore cooperating with it.

1. Cooperation and acceptance doesn’t mean passivity, it means active cooperation with thought, feelings, and energy.
2. Teach yourself via behaviour and rising awareness the differences between real threat and imagined, along with the long term benefits of trusting in life.
3. Soften up the wording you use with yourself and bring more awareness to what follows your ‘I am’s.

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