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Here are some of the things I did to help remedy my inguinal hernia naturally. By no means should any of this information be replaced with medical advice for your inguinal hernia. See it as one persons experience being shared with others, nothing more or less:

Mental & Emotional:
To reframe and re-perceive my past ‘ruptured’ relationships, eliminate the strain in my body through the act of ‘non-doership and trust in the unknown, let go of the burdens I held onto based on the unforgiveness I had towards myself and authority figures, and bring genuine peace and tranquility to a mind that was over-run with needing answers to everything.

These points were introduced to me through the book ‘Heal Your Body’ by Louise Hay.

I used the Grey Room:
These healing affirmations upon falling asleep nightly:

Physical, to strengthen abdominal wall (lying on the back):
– Leg lifts
– Bicycle kicks
– Plank
– Scissor kicks

Stationary poses:
– Bridge pose
– Shoulder stand
– Happy baby pose

– Re-connection with my higher self
– Reflecting rather than judging
– Trusting in the answers that will come over time
– Building my connection to my interpretation of god
– Finding unconditional love for myself and others no matter what

For healing an inguinal hernia naturally I focused on eliminating all processed foods, carbs at night, and any other foods where my digestive system had to work harder to process. Soups were my ‘go-to,’ smoothies with only one source of fruit with natural vegan protein, no meat, cooked veggies and no raw salads.

It’s very important that you look at the causations for your inguinal hernia. From here you can begin the process of elimination which is key to healing an inguinal hernia naturally.

No, for my recent diagnosis of epididymitis, my approach to diet and other aspects have not changed.

Whether my inguinal hernia is in remission or was misdiagnosed from the start. Either way, I may never know the answer. However I do know that the body has the potential to heal itself once the main aspects of how we communicate with it and the source energy are altered. I hope this video helps you in understanding your natural inguinal hernia healing potentials.

Much love and respect goes out to @My Natural Hernia Cure @GrantMeTopics for their excellent inguinal hernia healing information and inspirational stories.
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