REVEALED! My Biggest Secret To Anxiety Recovery 😲

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Video Notes:

One of my most valuable anxiety recovery secrets!

Working from the end to the beginning instead, who do I want to be, what do I want to feel like within my physical body?

Instead of checking in with our anxiety disorder diagnoses, we must begin checking in with our future healed selves.

1. Give yourself an identity name that matches the feeling state you want to experience most often.
2. Write down the characteristics that attract to this identity.
3. Bring awareness to moments throughout the day when your new identity can arise and respond.

3 questions in the moment!!!!

– How would my healed self think right now?
– What would my new identity do right now?
– How would my natural self imagine this future scenario?

“Stop looking to micro manage every situation that causes an anxiety response, rather work on an identity shift all together in order to naturally override your hold unhelpful patterns.”


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