One Of The Biggest Mistakes I Made During Anxiety Healing 😕

Repeat after me…

“I now embrace this healing journey. I am patient and focused on the process, no longer the result.”

“My positive momentum is like a train, it’s picking up speed and nothing can stop the good that’s coming into my life.”

“Love is overtaking fear, it’s all clear to me now.”

“My future is bright, our future is bright, my faith is growing immensely.”

“I now see my fears as a cloud that comes and goes, into my awareness briefly and then gone.”

“I am ready to swim in that lake of water that resembles change. I respect change, I love change, I am change.”

“My healing is here, I welcome it, I am stepping into it.”

If you repeated each one in your mind or out loud I commend you. You truly are becoming more than anxiety.

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