No More Fear Of Anxiety Symptoms 🙌 (Apply These 10 Mental Health Words Of Wisdom) ❤️

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Video Notes:

1. My anxiety symptoms are caused by suppressed rage, fear, guilt, and unforgiveness and I am not afraid of them.

2. I no longer see my physical symptoms as structural threats but rather unexpressed feelings.

3. I understand the importance of working with these suppressed feelings now rather than look to distract from them or run from them.

4. As I lose interest in my old interpretations of my physical symptoms I will find myself clear of them.

5. I now understand the pain my inner child is going through and I am helping him or her to see reality in a completely different way.

6. I now realize that there are reasons for me to keep this anxiety alive, reasons connected to human needs such as connection, acknowledgement, and a feeling of being lovable that I can receive more deeply when I am healing.

7. I now understand that my body is the largest part of my subconscious mind and has stored my unexpressed feelings, ideas, words, which are now being expressed.

8. It may feel like I am risking something by gaining momentum in my healing but I am gaining everything I ever wanted and deserve.

9. I am now in control, not my inner child subconscious mind.

10. When these physical symptoms arise I now think of them as mental, emotional, even spiritual, and not physical.

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