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My biggest health anxiety recovery realization: I was stuck in the cycle of preventing the worst from happening no matter what aspect of my life it was (which eventually turned into looking to prevent disease through health anxiety). I gathered the health anxiety motivation I needed when I began to focus more on creating the kind of future experiences I wanted, rather than looking to prevent the worst from happening.

– Most health anxiety sufferers would rather hold onto the state they’re already in rather than risk it for a different path that may lead to a worsening state.

– Most health anxiety sufferers have become comfortable in fear, doubt, and low self esteem and have consciously and unconsciously connected it to who they are (identity).

– Most health anxiety sufferers never wholeheartedly commit to healing because of what others may think of their new identity (being ostracized would equal death).

Question 1: Why do you obsess over your health?
Question 2: Why are you so afraid of X…
Question 3: What experience contributed to
you becoming afraid of X?

1. To stop obsessing over your health and creating health anxiety motivation you must become emotionally neutral toward the very thing you look to fight and run from.

2. To stop obsessing you must see beyond yourself and this physical body.

3. To stop obsessing over your health you must give yourself permission to learn from what habits don’t work. Bringing to your awareness what doesn’t work paves the way for the information that will work.

Key health anxiety motivation quote: Your body will hold onto the emotions and experiences until a time it feels like you can consciously take charge and resolve them.

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