Healing Fear And Anxiety For Good 👀 *HERE’S WHAT TO EXPECT*

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Key Video Notes Below:

“Society creates a necessity for ambition and with that ambition comes the addiction to doing which can perpetuate anxiety, but never experiencing or just being.”

In the beginning of healing fear and anxiety there is:

– Resistance to change (rationalizations that justify why change is hard).

– Vulnerability – vulnerability is the bridge between fear and love should you choose to be open to its lessons.

– Confusion – (puzzle pieces that become clarified over time).

In the middle there is:

– Ups and downs (there is an Iinner battle between the comfort of keeping things as they are and everything changing).

– Love and hate for the journey we love feeling the improved feeling, yet we hate how much time we have to put in).

– Sacrifices that come to the forefront.

In the end of healing fear and anxiety there is:

– No longer drifting, rather we are reuniting with our true selves.

– Trusting in not knowing.

– A desire to ‘pass it on.’

“Train yourself to get comfortable with not knowing, and you will open yourself up to a world you never met before.”

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