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Video notes:

Goal: To see yourself as inner child and generational patterns and not identity.

– Leftovers lead to behavioral addictions.
– Leftovers create conflict and a lack of congruence between the head and heart.

1. Leftovers – guilt, blame, rage, fear, broken relationships, parents beliefs.
2. They Alter conscious and unconscious beliefs.
3. They Become daily ideas we replay.
4. They Activate behaviours that we never chose.
5. Run the imagination unconsciously.
6. Create ‘the self’ or identity.
7. This Projects energy into the world which bring like experiences right back.
8. Destroys our creative and intuitive sides.
9. Leads us towards an unconscious life within our comfort zones.

“We must stop prostituting ourselves out to a way of living that we never chose.”

1. Recognize your ‘leftovers’
2. Notice how they arise
3. Notice what motivates them to survive

Anxiety quote of the day:

“The greatest pursuit is the one where you find out who you truly are beneath all the old programming and outside conditioning.”

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