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The reason my stuff works so well for health anxiety is because I don’t give the warrior what they expect, rather I give them what works in terms of communicating with the deeper parts of them.

Neither an idea nor a feeling about a sensation in the body should be considered true, therefore acted in line with. (Separation from fear).

A top priority for a health anxiety sufferer must be to learn how to look empowered, and breathe in a way that exudes safety at all times. (Finger between naval and pubic bone).

Never allow yourself to succumb to health anxiety out of fear of confronting something, fear of taking some sort of big leap in your life, or fear of getting to know the unknown differently.

Health anxiety is unconsciously strengthened due to our imagination. Therefore we can use this imagination consciously to heal it.

Replace fear with faith. Faith that you can begin to believe in a body that heals itself without the need for excessive mental activity.

BONUS: it’s The Action that spurs on targeted understanding around your health anxiety.

Health anxiety is a result of a bundle of internal unconscious patterns that you are revealing now in order to heal now.

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