Evening Anxiety Help! 🥺 5 Ways To Free Yourself Right Now

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Video notes:

5 things to do for anxiety at night. Understand that evenings can be difficult because we are in a depleted state from all the internal and external fighting we do as anxiety sufferers.

1) Bring to mind the long term consequences to the self sabotaging nightly habits you engage with such as video gaming, junk food, late night tv shows, pornography etc.

2) Replay the β€˜wins’ from the day in a journal.

3) Just prior to sleep, imagine in full sensory detail how you’d like the next day to go.

4) Take a few moments for a compassionate self hug.

5) Practice hearing your critical thoughts but not emotionally becoming them.

The changes you are making to the habits that bring you anxiety at night are a lifestyle, not an attempt and reversing something you wish to reverse. With this mindset in mind you will begin to heal your anxiety at night and realize later that you are feeling much better than before.

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