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Mindset when applying these brain hacks for anxiety and stress:

Adopt a playful sense of certainty. This means that you do not become overly critical around doing them right or wrong, nor do you create too much expectation from applying. Rather, you are committing with an open mind and an open heart to these brain hacks for anxiety and seeing them each as skills that need strengthening.

The 5 brain hacks for anxiety and stress:

1. When you can’t get a song out of your head – Change the lyrics of the song so that it’s uplifting, positive, and pleasant.

2. At night, when overthinking is keeping you from sleeping – Imagine these thoughts like clouds that appear and disappear, focus on one at a time.

3. When you want to change the way you feel in an instant – Colour breathe for 5 repetitions being completely present while moving your safety colour through your entire body.

4. When a part of your body feels uncomfortable or distressing – Mentally speak to it and listen to its response intuitively, create a relationship around understanding rather than looking to get rid of.

5. When catastrophic thinking is present – Use an elastic band to snap and bring yourself back to the present moment, therefore having the opportunity to respond consciously to the thought and replace it.

“Neuroplasticity gives us the opportunity to reshape the way we see ourselves and our realities no matter what age we are in or how long we’ve suffered.”

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