Anxiety Sensations VS Symptoms, What’s The Difference? 🤔 | ROOT CAUSES OF ANXIETY DISORDER

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Description: There are some important differences between symptoms of anxiety and sensations. Today we’ll dive deep into these differences along with get to the root causes of anxiety.

Video notes.

– Immediate conscious or unconscious signs of environmental threat
– Overwhelm
– A morning intention that wasn’t consciously intended
– An over emphasis on preventing the worst from happening
– Lack of parasympathetic activity

– Undischarged emotions that have compounded over time
– Unexpressed ideas
– Unforgiveness
– Unresolved childhood trauma
– A fear of letting go
– Symptoms of anxiety mean there is little to no trust in change

Dealing with sensations: Responding –
Dealing with Symptoms: Reframing –

While you’re dealing with either receive the wisdom needed through:
– Color, mantra, or emptiness Meditation
– Grounding
– Conscious breathing practices

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