3 Ways To Eliminate BRAIN FOG Anxiety 👀

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Key Video Notes Below:

*I’ve found that we mustn’t look to heal the brain fog anxiety symptom directly or we will get more frustrated. Rather, listen to your intuition to give your body what it’s calling for.

1. Sleep more, but change your association towards sleep from being lazy and unproductive to self loving and caring.

2. Do not over exert yourself in these areas: mentally (overthinking), emotionally (avoid stimulants like coffee and do not rely on being excitable), physically (stop well before exhaustion whether you are lifting weights, doing cardio, or engaged in sports), and in relationships (be aware of the people and types of conversations that drain you such as talking about politics).

3. Practice mindfully moving towards enjoyment and gratitude in the present moment, rather than thinking yourself out of it due to why you are feeling.

*Remember, we don’t heal 1 anxiety symptom at a time, rather we sense what it is our bodies are calling for and give back compassionately.

Brain fog can be diminished, and as we release the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying around in your bodies and re-prioritize our overall well being we will be met with inner peace.

Comment below on your greatest piece of insight on this video about the anxiety symptom known as brain fog.

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