10 Minute Guided Sleep Meditation For Anxiety 😴 Insomnia – Relaxation – Inner Peace ❤️

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Description: A relaxing deep sleep guided meditation for anxiety sufferers. This 10 minute session will guide you into a deep relaxed state where you will feel like you can let go of the day and simply be. With nightly use you’re going to find a positive shift happening as your sleep will become more restful and your morning anxiety will lessen over time.

It’s important that you feel like your evenings are slowing down and you feel more relaxed going into this deep sleep guided meditation for anxiety. So take some time to breathe deep, and see your negative thoughts as clouds that come and go as you let go completely.

It’s ok to fall asleep to this deep sleep guided meditation. The important messages will go directly to your subconscious mind where deeply needed changes to your anxiety levels will be made. Enjoy.

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