10 Important Rules For Living An Anxiety Free Life 🙏

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Video notes for living an anxiety free life:

#1) If you can apply the right response in moments of anxiousness, it will no longer lead to anxiety.

#2) Find some kind of productive outlet for your suppressed feelings especially anger. Suggestion: chair coaching.

#3) Join an active anxiety support forum that focuses on progress and solutions, leave every anxiety support forum that perpetuates victimhood.

#4) Find as many opportunities throughout the day to act as if you’ve healed already.

#5) Replace doer-ship with non doer-ship. Faith and trust.

#6) Allow mistakes.

#7) Understand that at the deepest levels of anxiety is the manifestation of wrongful data processing mainly coming from the past.

#8) Spend more time with your ‘wins.’

#9) Don’t over-do your inner work, and don’t over-consume too much information related to anxiety.

#10) Listen to your fears in a different voice tone than your own, your parents, or other authority figures. Use cartoon characters…


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